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You wish to have a new suit or change your wardrobe in Delhi?   You are lost? Let me guid you: Delhi allows you to make your choice because it does not possess one but several clothing styles. Do not hesitate to make your choice and find the clothes that […]

Where to make a costume or sari in Delhi?

Delhi Street Art
Delhi Street Art Festival is back! Delhi Street Art Festival is back this year with even more artists and locations. The WIP show is on for one month and worths a look!   WIP – The Street Art Show – is hosted at the largest dry port in Asia- ICD (Inland […]

Delhi Street Art Festival 2016

Hotel Delhi
The Great Indian Food Festival is a festival celebrating the best street foods from different parts of India. Why shoud we go ? This is the best time ever to taste some authentic dishes from Rajasthan, Gujarat, , Kolkata, Hyderabad,Delhi, Chennai, Amritsar and many other various cities of India at […]

Great Indian Food Festival 2016

Pongal Festival
Pongal,  one of the most important popular Hindu festivals of the year, is essentially an agricultural and harvest festival celebrated in Tamil Nadu.  The harvest festival is celebrated on January 15th this year.   What is Pongal? Many southern states in India celebrate Pongal as a thanksgiving for the good harvest […]

Pongal : The Harvest Festival

Goa is a very small state (in comparison with the other Indian states) of South India, located in South to Maharastra (Bombay state). The capital is Panaji. This state is bordered by Arabian Sea through 101km of coast. The highest point is Sonsogor (1,167m). Goa people (around 1,5 million inhabitants) […]

Goa: a new season begins!

Last days, Tamil Nadu (south) is facing a disaster since it’s raining all over the region. Indian army must intervene by deploying helicopters in order to help victims of the natural catastrophe. According to Indian media, helicopters are also sending water and food in the areas badly flooded. Schools and […]

Ola found the solution for floods in Tamil Nadu (south)

Paan is something very typical that we can usually eat at the end of a traditional meal. You can buy at every street corners. There are so many varieties. Basically, it makes with many spices (nutmeg, saffron, cardamom…), areca nuts, lime which they add tobacco. And all is wrapped up […]

The paan or the Indian chewing-gum

An âshram is a temple where yoga class and meditation are teached by a guru also called “yogi”. Âshrams are often located in laces off from the world. There were âshrams in India since more than 4000 years bc. Most famous âshrams of the XX th century are the âshram […]

Experience Ashrams in India

There are a few seats reserved for tourist visa owners on each train heading to a tourist place. It often enables you to buy your ticket at the last minute. Though, you need to go to the New Dlehi train stration (NDLS). This office is so badly indicated. Here are […]

Let’s find the International tourist bureau !