Private Sales – Diane Singh Jewelry and Agaline underwear


Feminine elegance was in the spotlights this Saturday from 5 pm to 8 pm on the rooftop of Bed&Chaï Guesthouse !

In an intimate atmosphere, Diane Singh and Agaline presented their respective works, jewelry and nightwear collections, during an evening consecrated to this glamour private sales…

Private sales Delhi


The guests enjoyed humus toasts and homemade tzatziki, and sip refreshing punch on an exotic and catchy musical background.


Private sales Delhi


Presentation of the Designers


Diane Singh

Created two years ago, the brand Diane Singh took the name of her founder and designer.

The jewelry made ​​by this French lady now implemented in India are a clever mix of various streams of inspiration.

Models: You will find a wide selection of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings with very different styles.

Materials: Collections are expertly declined around precious materials (gold, silver) and semi-precious stones.

The inspirations: the symbols are everywhere. Thus, we find feathers, stars and pendants drops of water, but also patterns evoking mandalas in gold or silver lace, more sophisticated.

For what occasion ? for Valentine’s Day, for Mother’s Day, or just for pleasure…

To notice : rewarded by the Petit Futé 2014!

Private sales Delhi



History: Agaline was born in 2013 under the leadership of two “passionate by nature” young women, Agathe and Caroline, who decided to pool their creativity and ambition.

Although they enjoy the colorfoul extraversion which is characteristic of India, they don’t forget as long the sophisticated refinment of their country of origin : France.

So, naturally they decided to join their forces to create their brand of lingerie, that combines materials such as cotton or silk found in India and Calais lace they import.

Inspiration:  the different collections, with names such as Midinette, Geisha or Cabaret, reflect this symbiosis between two continents, two cultures, between East and West.

On what occasion ? to withstand the hot Indian summers or otherwise freshness of the French countryside, sleeping alone or together, to live and feel beautiful …


Private sales Delhi