Women travelers in India

Despite a recent modernisation, India remains a largely conservative society. Female travelers should be aware that their behavior and clothes choice are likely to be under constant scrutiny.

Women, here are some advices for you stay in India!

– wrap you shoulders and your legs with opaque loose-fitting clothes

– bring your tampon with you because it will be hard to find any if you are not in big cities

– look sure of yourself when you go out so that you don’t seem lost and weak. That way you’re less likely to be annoyed

– draping a dupatta (long scarf) will be useful if you plan on visiting a shrine that requires your head to be covered

– try not to arrive to late in the cities you visit in order not to be alone in a neighborhood in a city you don’t know

– in the hostel you stay in, lock the door as staff can knock and automatically walk in without waiting for your permission

– avoid wearing expensive jewelry and carrying flashy accessories

Yet you should know that if you raise your voice when being harassed in a bus or in a train the attacker will get scared.