Incredible Dilli food culture

To visit Delhi there are so many organized tours, be they by cycle or by walk. Some of them we know, with some of them we have a partnership. And [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]this week we tried for you something else. Something new and original : Delhi Food Walks![/inlinetweet]

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Delhi Food Walks (DFW) organizes several walks for tourists, students and professionals as well. Now you can discover Delhi not only through its historical magnificent monuments, but through its another not less important side which is Delhi food.

So let’s leave behind posh, flashy and over-priced restaurants and join Dilli foody heart !

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During this 3-hour walk, the founder and a very nice person, Anubhav Sapra, makes you litterally fall in love with Delhi and its dishes. He tells you different interesting and amazing stories about the city and its various food culture. Lassi, Indian sweets like milky, naan, bedmi poori, chick peas with ginger, nagori halva, potato curry, paneer pakoda…and this is only a small part of those street dishes that you can try during a food walk.

Delhi Food Walks offers three famous food walks in Delhi: Old Delhi Food Walk, Breakfast Trail and New Delhi Lunch Tour. Where the Old Delhi food tours will take you across savouring the authentic North-Indian and Mughlai cuisine, the New Delhi Lunch tour will make you relish North-Indian, South-Indian, Punjabi, Rajasthani and Gujarati cuisine (different states in India and therefore, cuisines named after them). There are many other different walks and moreover you can easily customize your tour with all of those offered walks.

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For you, we tried the Breakfast trail which starts at 8:30am and occures at the busiest of all places, Old Delhi. Very calm in the morning, we could enjoy the authentic Delhi street cuisine with its tasty flavours.

You can be sure : your belly doesn’t risk a delhi belly! DFW takes care of its customers and all food chosen for walks is tryed by the founder himself and other food enthusiastic followers. To make the final decision, all of the following things such as taste, authenticity, hygiene, quality of ingredients and value for money are taken into account to make your food walk unforgettable!

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You seem to be interested in? Visit their website to be able to book your next food walk! 😉

And don’t hesitate to have a look on their blog!