In the hostel Bed and Chaï, ask Clara and Cora, they know an indian woman who cooks excellent dishes and who gives lessons at her home. You will then eat the dishes you will have prepared together. It is a great experience as you will learn how to cook indian […]

You want to try a Indian cooking lesson ?

You can visit delhi by cycle ! You can visit this website : http://www.delhibycycle.com/   and chose between five tours. It has been created by a Dutch, Jack Leenaars. It starts at 6:30 am, until 10:30 am. It is really pleasant to start early in the morning,  as it is not crowded and […]

Delhi by cycle

In our hotel Bed and Chai you can ask for a one hour body ayurvedic massage, it costs 1000 rupees. Just ask Cora or Clara and enjoy this peaceful moment !

You want a massage ?

This market is in the Greater Kailash area, so very close to the guesthouse: take a rickshow and in 5 minutes you get there. The N block market is quite posh, here you will find some very nice famous indian shops such as Anokhi, Fabindia… The quality of the fabric […]

The N Block Market

We organize in Bed and Chai yoga classes on our rooftop! Just ask Cora or Clara, the one hour class costs 650 rupees, and is for maximum 4 people. Enjoy !

Yoga on our rooftop !

If you want to swim near Bed and Chai, there is the Pacific sport Complex : it is at 5 minutes by rickshaw. One entry ticket for the public swimming pool costs 350 rupees. I totally recommend this place : it is clean, and not crowded if you go in the morning […]

Feel like swimming ?

It is at 15 minutes by foot. When you leave Bed and Chai go right and then turn left on the second street called Lala Lajpat Rai Road. You can also try another road that goes faster but is more complicated: when you leave Bed and Chaï go left, then […]

How to get to the Kailash Colony metro station from ...

One of my first experiences was to get a simcard in Delhi for my phone. You can go to Airtel, near the hotel, it is just next to Kailash Colony metro station. Don’t forget to bring you passport and your passport photo. And try to fill in the grid very […]

How to get a sim card in Delhi ?

Going to the cinema in India is an experience. You can take a rickshaw from the guest house to Nehru place, near Bed and Chaï, or to Saket place, there are a lot of cinemas here, with both Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Don’t bring your camera, it its highly forbidden, […]

You want to go to the Cinema in Delhi?