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kalkaji post office
Looking for a cheap way to send a parcel abroad? India is shopping paradise and you might want to buy more than what your airline allows you to carry. No problem, India Post Office has an affordable solution to ship parcel overseas.   Cost You can check the postage price […]

Tips to send a parcel overseas from Delhi

Last days, Tamil Nadu (south) is facing a disaster since it’s raining all over the region. Indian army must intervene by deploying helicopters in order to help victims of the natural catastrophe. According to Indian media, helicopters are also sending water and food in the areas badly flooded. Schools and […]

Ola found the solution for floods in Tamil Nadu (south)

There are a few seats reserved for tourist visa owners on each train heading to a tourist place. It often enables you to buy your ticket at the last minute. Though, you need to go to the New Dlehi train stration (NDLS). This office is so badly indicated. Here are […]

Let’s find the International tourist bureau !

Myles car
Confirmed drivers, Asia-roadtrips fans, here is a new solution to move from place to place in India! Myles propose you to rent your car directly from the airport. Once you have booked online your car, you just need to present your international driver’s license to take the wheel and drive. […]

A roadtrip in India thanks to Myles’ services?

For the last years, Indian capital has become a new cultural centre. Contemporary Art has conquered this city by convincing its inhabitants and travellers from the world. Multiplication of art galleries, expositions and artistic installations proves contemporary art success. Street art, which belongs to this movement, is specially echoed in […]

Dehi, a new artistic capital?

India’s population is now close to 1.3 billion inhabitants. It is the second most populated country in the world. Its population nowadays represents 17.5% of the world’s population and demographists expect it to exceed China’s before 2025. Contrarily t the Malthusians pessimistic forecasts, the population’s growth did not lead to […]

Obesity in India : state of crisis

delhi hostel rickshaw
“Prudent men always know to make merit of acts necessity constrained them to do”, Machiavel wrote. He could have been talking about rickshaws use in Delhi. Even though negotiations are exhausting, you have to do it with honours. This guide is an initiation to the art of bargaining. It is […]

Princes of Delhi : the art of negotiation with rickshaws

Delhi was already a green city when the English occupied India, and decided to make the capital of the British Raj into a green haven. But the rapid urbanization of the XXth century challenged that equilibrium. Today, in the literal sense of the word, New Delhi is a green city. […]

New Delhi, a green city ?

sustainable tourism
Looking for another way to visit India? Wants to help and travel at the same time? Or just looking to travel sustainable? In2Light India runs by a young Spanish lady full of energy can help you! They can advise you on sustainable and responsible tourism in the country. They can […]

In2Light India: a Spanish Travel Agency who helps you to ...