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The Great Indian Food Festival is a festival celebrating the best street foods from different parts of India. Why shoud we go ? This is the best time ever to taste some authentic dishes from Rajasthan, Gujarat, , Kolkata, Hyderabad,Delhi, Chennai, Amritsar and many other various cities of India at […]

Great Indian Food Festival 2016

Goa is a very small state (in comparison with the other Indian states) of South India, located in South to Maharastra (Bombay state). The capital is Panaji. This state is bordered by Arabian Sea through 101km of coast. The highest point is Sonsogor (1,167m). Goa people (around 1,5 million inhabitants) […]

Goa: a new season begins!

Paan is something very typical that we can usually eat at the end of a traditional meal. You can buy at every street corners. There are so many varieties. Basically, it makes with many spices (nutmeg, saffron, cardamom…), areca nuts, lime which they add tobacco. And all is wrapped up […]

The paan or the Indian chewing-gum

Yesterday, Indians began to celebrate the famous festival Navaratri. This Hindu festival goes on during 9 nights and 10 days. It celebrates the female pantheon and ends on 22th of October. The word Navaratri comes from two Sanskrit words: “nava” and “ratri” which mean respectively “nine” and “nights”. During those […]

Navaratri, Hindu Goddesses’ Festival

India’s population is now close to 1.3 billion inhabitants. It is the second most populated country in the world. Its population nowadays represents 17.5% of the world’s population and demographists expect it to exceed China’s before 2025. Contrarily t the Malthusians pessimistic forecasts, the population’s growth did not lead to […]

Obesity in India : state of crisis

When you think about India, you think automatically about Bollywood, about the kingdom of holi cows and of corse about yoga. Moreover we recieve many recommendation requests for ashrams from our clients. Thus we decided to give you a list of ashrams as well as spiritual masters located in India. […]

Eat, pray, love or Ashrams guide book for yoga in ...

street food
To visit Delhi there are so many organized tours, be they by cycle or by walk. Some of them we know, with some of them we have a partnership. And [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]this week we tried for you something else. Something new and original : Delhi Food Walks![/inlinetweet] Delhi Food […]

Incredible Dilli food culture

Allowing yourself a greedy pleasure without guilt and make a responsible gesture at the same time ? That is what offers Garden Delight.   1/  The project birth In February 2008, four French meet around a mango plantation . They decide to rehabilitate and revitalize the mango trees to produce […]

Garden Delight, tasty jams from India

Paneer tikka? Palak kofta ?? Gobhi masala ???! You see these strange nouns in an Indian restaurant menu and you are wondering whether you are going to have a good meal today. That gibberish (not always translated into English) is often encountered by tourists in India.         […]

Name of Indian dishes : translation most wanted ?