After enjoying this delicious drink in India, you could wonder : “Where I can buy it?” That’s simple! There are two nice places in Delhi for you to feast : Mittal Teas (Mon-Sat 10 am – 7 pm, from R80 for 100 grams of Assam tea to R20,000 for 1,000 grams for some […]

Where to buy good tea in Delhi?

I can hear you, laughing sarcastically. “- Relax in Amritsar, the most polluted and noisy city of India? Mission impossible!” I hear you say. It was without counting on my conflicting mind. After six –fresh – hours train ride from Delhi, I arrived safely. While appear from all sides many […]

challenge : relaxing in Amritsar

masala tea by bed&chai
As iconic as Taj Mahal, as delicate as Varanasi silk, as widespread as Bollywood movies, Masala tea is a must. That is why I asked myself about the origines of this mysterious beverage. Sitting comfortably in a typical Indian greasy spoon, I asked my host about the sources of Chaï […]

Tea Masala by Bed & Chaï

chinese fishing net fort cochin
Cochin is one of the most touristic place in India thanks to its eclectism and its multicultural past. Although some visitors hope to stay in the modern Ernakulam, the overwhelming majority base themselves in the old Fort Cochin, where the city’s complex history is reflected in its architecture. There are […]

Cochin, a historical place to be

Facilities Bed and Chaï
Dear Customers, Bed and Chaï Guesthouse is not only a cosy, clean, comfortable and friendly bed and breakfast, but it is also a place where you can get precious advises and several services. Indeed, our team is available from 8am to 9pm to help you to plan your trips and […]

Facilities at Bed and Chaï Guesthouse

Bengali Market Delhi
Also known as the « CR park fish market” this place is a curiosity that will obviously amuse backpackers. It is also a great place to be for people whose stomach cannot stand even one single additional butter chicken and who are craving for something different, dietetic, and full of Omega 3 […]

The fish market of CR Park

What are the best restaurants in Delhi? According to you budget and what you want to eat, here is a selection of our favorite restaurants in Delhi. If you want Indian food, according to your budget: $: less than 600 INR for 2 people), you have the Karim’s restaurant, in Old […]

Where to eat in Delhi?

You have many possibilities, you can go to the M blok Market, which is at 10 minutes by foot from Bed and Chaï, on the left when you leave the guesthouse, in the same street. You can also find another place : when you leave the guest house go left, then […]

Where to buy food or where to find a chemist ...

In the hostel Bed and Chaï, ask Clara and Cora, they know an indian woman who cooks excellent dishes and who gives lessons at her home. You will then eat the dishes you will have prepared together. It is a great experience as you will learn how to cook indian […]

You want to try a Indian cooking lesson ?