Tea Masala by Bed & Chaï

As iconic as Taj Mahal, as delicate as Varanasi silk, as widespread as Bollywood movies, Masala tea is a must.

That is why I asked myself about the origines of this mysterious beverage.

Sitting comfortably in a typical Indian greasy spoon, I asked my host about the sources of Chaï (tea, in India). He replies with a smile : “grandmother’s recipe”… here I am well advanced.

Traditionally used as a natural remedy for many common illnesses (colds, flu, stomach aches and even lung problems), Masala (mixture, Hindi), was a sophisticated mix of roots, bark and seeds.

The recipe through the years by being transmitted from mother to daughter.

Then arrived the famous “tea-ddicts” English. In order to reduce the cost of import from China, they started to cultivate tea in India.

This initiative was a great success, since India is now the second largest exporter (28%), just behind China (30%).

Who was the real inventor of this cultural cocktail ? The mystery remains.

Between medicinal heritage and modernity, Masala Chaï stays a “mix” both tasty and good for health.

By region of origin, dosages and spices used, the taste of tea Masala may change.

We have tested and chosen for you a delicious and refined Masala Chaï, served on the spot at Bed&Chaï or concoct yourself.


Recipe of Masala Chaï by Bed&Chaï 

For 1 cup

– Pour 1/2 glasse of water and 1/2 glasse of milk in a saucepan

masala tea by bed&chaï

– Add a pinch of special spices “TEA MASALA”, available in supermarkets or specialised stores

masala tea by bed&chaï

– Add a large spoonful of black tea

masala tea by bed&chaï

– Sweeten to your liking

– Bring to a boil turn 3 times (just remove from the heat for a few  second each time)

– Filter by pouring slowly into the pot or directly into the cup

– Enjoy !

masala tea by bed&chaïï