One of the most unexplored unique places in Delhi is Majnu ka Tilla. This place is situated in the Northern part of Delhi, a unique lane designed in the theme of Tibet monasteries. Majnu ka Tilla is filled with beautiful cafes and shops selling Buddhist items. The place is easy […]

Little Tibet in Delhi

There is a drastic change in the behavior of Indian consumers towards OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc over the classic television dramas. The young Indians prefer to watch shows on OTT platforms because of more interesting and relatable content than television shows. However, there is still a long […]

Rise of OTT platforms in the Indian market

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Looking for an affordable way to visit Delhi: try our Free tour! We are very proud to announce the launch of our pay-what-you-want tour of Old and New Delhi. Tour takes 2,5 hours and you will be walking 5km. It starts at Delhi Gate and finishes at Agrasen ki Baoli.   […]

Free Tour with Chalo Delhi – tip-based

kalkaji post office
Looking for a cheap way to send a parcel abroad? India is shopping paradise and you might want to buy more than what your airline allows you to carry. No problem, India Post Office has an affordable solution to ship parcel overseas.   Cost You can check the postage price […]

Tips to send a parcel overseas from Delhi

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Want to escape Delhi heat and breathe some fresh air? Here our selection of offbeat weekend destinations! All the places can be reached by bus within one night. Perfect to escape the busy city at an affordable price! Kolti Camp Pitch your tent near Landour. This beautiful village is at […]

Escape Delhi heat with these offbeat destinations

Heritage properties all over India Thanks to schemes encouraging owners of old palaces to convert their properties into heritage hotels, India sees its offer for luxurious but affordable stays increased every day! While this kind of properties in the middle of the cities costs at least 15000rs, you can easily find beautiful […]

Palaces out the tracks

Holi Festival At the full moon of March, it’s Holi, the festival of colors! Since the creation of the guesthouse, we play in Holi with the children of the NGO Tara. And again this year, the kids went out of their way to color all the participants! More than 80kg of […]

Holi at Bed&Chai with Tara kids

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Diwali in the past Diwali is the festival of lights, not of crackers and fireworks. Fireworks were invented in China in the 7th century and became popular across the world between 1200 AD and 1700 AD. Fireworks became a part of Diwali celebrations only recently and are not an Indian […]

How to spend a Green and Ecofriendly Diwali?

Long forgotten by tourist guides, the city of Lucknow has a lot to offer and the tourism department of Uttar Pradesh has been working for several years to promote this multicultural capital rich in monuments and recognized for its cuisine! Why visit Lucknow? For its cuisine Lucknow is the capital […]

Lucknow, multicultural capital to visit