Holi at Bed&Chai with Tara kids

Holi Festival

At the full moon of March, it’s Holi, the festival of colors!
Since the creation of the guesthouse, we play in Holi with the children of the NGO Tara. And again this year, the kids went out of their way to color all the participants!

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More than 80kg of colors have been scattered at Lodhi Garden! The gardeners, who are beginning to know us, nicely open the taps of the park. The guns are ready. Bombs made of inflatable balloons filled with water and dyes. The pockets are full of powder … And here we go! Show no mercy!

At first, it’s quite gentle, we wish a “Happy Holi” by softly covering the cheeks of colors. But it turns quickly in the battlefield: buckets of water, jets of colors, spray, everything is good to color the people! The trick, reach parts of the body hard to clean afterwards. Our advice, back and shoulders!

As a last resort, when the powder is finished, we go to the mud. Children love to drag their educators inside !!!

The lawn will be colorful for the rest of the year!

The day ends with a big picnic. Biryani and Nutella pancakes for all victorious fighters!


What is the NGO Tara?

Tara opened in 2008 its first home for young boys. Then a home for very young children in 2012 and another one for girls in 2015.
Each household accommodates 20 children from slums, victims of neglect, orphans, or children who are victims of parental violence or trafficking.

Tara’s goal is to provide children with an environment where they are protected and safe. They also benefit from comprehensive medical care and a balanced diet.

A multidisciplinary team, specialized in child protection and dedicated entirely to the well-being of TARA residents, ensures their progress. Children are all enrolled in good schools in Delhi.

You want to know more? Website: http://www.taraindia.org/

Tara works thanks to its godfathers. Do not hesitate to contact them to find out more!