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Looking for an affordable way to visit Delhi: try our Free tour! We are very proud to announce the launch of our pay-what-you-want tour of Old and New Delhi. Tour takes 2,5 hours and you will be walking 5km. It starts at Delhi Gate and finishes at Agrasen ki Baoli.   […]

Free Tour with Chalo Delhi – tip-based

Meghalaya and the Northeastern States Rajasthan or Kerala have no more secrets for you? Goa too touristy? It’s time to discover the north-east of India! Northeast India is composed of seven “sister” states: Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, and Tripura and is surrounded by Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma and […]

Meghalaya, a region to visit!

Hindu wedding and the saat phere The most important features of the Hindu wedding are the “saat phere” meaning the seven circumambulations. It involved seven rounds around a fire. The groom and bride recite vows or Vedic mantras.         In the first round or phera, the couple […]

Willing to renew your wedding vows? Why not Indian way?

No train for Varanasi, stop in Khajuraho! Trains from Delhi to Varanasi are often fully booked. A good way to workaround is to take a ticket for Khajuraho. The connexion Delhi-Khajuraho / Khajuraho-Varanasi is not that crowded and you will be able to find tickets even last minute. Check carefully […]

Khajuraho, a perfect stop on the way to Varanasi!

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Many eco-friendly and responsible initiatives in India With an exponential economic growth, tourism booming, the increase in the number of international arrivals and diversification of destinations, India has recognized the opportunities offered by the tourism sector. Since the release of the economy in 1991, tourism has become the first economic sector […]

Travelling eco-friendly and responsible in India, it is possible!

The best activities to do in India per Nouvini North, South? Climbing snowy mountains, tea tastings, cultural visits. Have you ever experienced this confusing time of listing of all the activities to do / see during a stay? We at Nouvini, it is our job. So, for India, do not […]

The Top 5 activities of the Sub-Continent

There are a few seats reserved for tourist visa owners on each train heading to a tourist place. It often enables you to buy your ticket at the last minute. Though, you need to go to the New Dlehi train stration (NDLS). This office is so badly indicated. Here are […]

Let’s find the International tourist bureau !

For the last years, Indian capital has become a new cultural centre. Contemporary Art has conquered this city by convincing its inhabitants and travellers from the world. Multiplication of art galleries, expositions and artistic installations proves contemporary art success. Street art, which belongs to this movement, is specially echoed in […]

Dehi, a new artistic capital?

sustainable tourism
Looking for another way to visit India? Wants to help and travel at the same time? Or just looking to travel sustainable? In2Light India runs by a young Spanish lady full of energy can help you! They can advise you on sustainable and responsible tourism in the country. They can […]

In2Light India: a Spanish Travel Agency who helps you to ...