Meghalaya, a region to visit!

Meghalaya and the Northeastern States

meghalayaRajasthan or Kerala have no more secrets for you? Goa too touristy? It’s time to discover the north-east of India!

Northeast India is composed of seven “sister” states: Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, and Tripura and is surrounded by Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma and China. Still little tourist, the region is full of treasures! A special permit is required for the region of Arunachal Pradesh.

Meghalaya, which means “adobe of clouds”, is one of the rainiest regions in the world. The area of ​​Cherrapunji is known to be the wettest!

Trekking lovers, Meghalaya is for you. The landscapes are magnificent and the steps that connect the villages … difficult!

Phone does not work well and internet difficult to find! Perfect for disconnecting!

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Where to stay?

Tourism begins in the region. So you will not find many hotels, but homestays.

If you do not want to take the risk of sleeping outside, we recommend:, an agency specializing in the North-East created by a group of friends who test everything before.

Embor Klamet, / 8575692334, a young local guide who knows everyone! It can also recommend itineraries. By mail or whatsapp, he is always available.

Here are some homestay addresses:


Heritage Lodge – Batista 85 75 97 69 91/9615293606

Delicious meals and profits go to the orphanage and school sheltered in the same house. A beautiful family !

Address: sacred grove, Nongrim. Not easy to find, better to call once in the village.


Charlie’s place. 8575787340


The mother of Embor has a very nice bungalow.

All possible accommodations are referenced in the loacal restaurants:

Bangladesh View – 9615386060

Iarton Guesthouse – 8256966935

Halai Grep Guest house – 9856161773

Ilajong Guest house – 9615043027

Umpohliew homestay – 8014275582

Hala Tyngkong homestay – 9615973768

Hala Rimpey homestay – 8014489506

Harud Wahduid homestay – 85754404446

Lumpyngngad homestay – 8014891699

Sah Pyngngad homestay – 9615724352

Skyview guest house – 8575792347

Arika Guest house – 9615959983

Stream side guest house – 9856286146

Nansken homestay – 8014950233