The fish market of CR Park

Also known as the « CR park fish market” this place is a curiosity that will obviously amuse backpackers. It is also a great place to be for people whose stomach cannot stand even one single additional butter chicken and who are craving for something different, dietetic, and full of Omega 3 fat. Be prepared to fight bravely the overwhelming smell and the army of flies that are resolutely waiting for you there!

Located in a predominant Bengali colony of the capital city of India, this market offers sight of numerous stalls, gorged with fish, in proportions that would have given an appetite to Gargantua.

There is one for everyone’s taste, of all sizes and colors, from small shrimps to huge “Kingfish” (Indo-Pacific Spanish mackerel, a species well known in the country, so much so that the Sultan of Oman dedicated a stamp to it in 1985).

The most amusing scene is, without a doubt, employees cutting fish into filets using an impressive and razor-sharped vertical blade attached to a wooden base. Seated on the stalls as fakirs their dexterity commands respect. Fish market CR ParkFish look fresh, we can see some swimming in large barrels. However, we recommend caution during hot weather. We personally tried the shrimps after having fried them with herbs and onions until lightly brown, about 2 minutes per side. A delight.

Remember: fresh fish don’t have strong odor, they have firm flesh and bright eyes. Freeze until ready to cook.

So a word to the wise,

Bon appétit!