Best Cruise Destinations in India

Best Cruise Destinations in India.

Tourism is one of the world’s fastest growing sectors in terms of revenue. As a result, many companies

and countries are investing billions of dollars in order to attract as many tourists as possible. Cruise

tourism is one subsector that is also growing steadily. Because cruise tourists usually have no specific

destinations, many countries and companies are actively competing to make sure that they are the perfect

cruise destination including India

A collaboration of the Indian government and private tour companies have helped the country to

introduce various cruise tourism destinations that compete with other cruise destinations of the world

in terms of cost, comfort, value for money, among other factors. Some of the best cruise destinations in

India are discussed below.

Goa cruise destination

The Goa cruise destination is one of the upcoming tourist attractions in India. The destination is visited

by luxury cruises such as Cunard line and Princess Cruises. Although this is not a very popular cruise

destination at the moment, Goa has great potential of being improved to become one of the world’s best

cruise destinations.

Goa Cruises

Mangalore cruise destination

The Mangalore cruise destination is also a very popular cruise destination in India. The location is a

favorite to many tourists because it offers a combination of Sea River, and jungle cruises especially the

Brahmaputra river luxury cruises. This destination also offers tourists a chance to voyage through to the

northeast regions of India through the many river lines that can be accessed from the Brahmaputra River

Manglore Cruises

Cochin Cruise destination

Cochin is the most popular beach cruise destination in India. It has some of the best luxury hotels and

lodges. Cochin has almost perfect weather all-year round and this makes it a favorite destination for

cruise lines such as Azamara Cruises, Holland America Line, and Silverseas Cruises. Because of the

high-class tourist resorts in the area and the white sandy beaches, Cochin offers tourists a chance to enjoy

native Indian cuisine and a visit to some of the traditional villages of India.

Cochin Cruises

Kerala backwaters cruise destination

Apart from the coastal or beach cruise destinations, India is also home to some of the best river cruises in

the world. One of these is the Kerala backwaters cruise destination. This destination offers an enjoyable

aquatic odyssey through the dense mangrove forests in the Kerala backwaters.

Kerala Cruises

Sunderbans cruise destination

Sunderbans cruise destination is another inland cruise destination very popular with both local and

international tourists. Some of the major attractions in Sunderbans include pristine beaches, creeks &

islands, rich flora and fauna, dense forests, traditional villages, and misty river waters. This destination

also offers tourists an insight into the fabulous and rich culture and traditions of rural Bengal.

Depending on the region or country of origin of tourists, it is sometimes a requirement to obtain an Indian

visa in order to visit any of these magnificent cruise destinations in India. Indian visas can be obtained

from Indian consulates, embassies, or high commissioners offices in different towns and cities across the


Sunderbans Cruises