Jugaad or the art of problem-solving


Jugaad is a Hindi word, which means “frugal invention”: the art of finding ingenious solutions to solve a problem and this, with almost nothing. In other words, it’s: “do more with less”.

This mentality was first developed in the emerging countries such as India, Brazil, Africa or China. There are several reasons for this: firstly, the diversity of these countries prevents them from having an effective model for all. On the other hand , people often can’t afford to wait for the innovation to be commercialized. Finally, they often don’t have the means to buy it.

Below are some examples:

Jugaad: key for sink  Jugaad: Fork belt   Jugaad: mud flaps

On a larger scale , the Jugaad could bring real change. Thus in Kenya, entrepreneurs have found a way to charge a mobile while you pedal. Or, in Peru, the University of Engineering and Technology has designed a billboard, which can absorb and convert humid air into drinking water, generating almost 100 liters per day.

It’s in a society more and more concerned about the environment and by the current economic situation that Western countries begin gradually to adopt the Jugaad mentality. Due to the scarcity of resources and constant mutation, people want everything now, faster and cheaper.

Finally, a touch of humor:

It’s your turn now! What are you going to invent?