Medicine Baba : a solution for the poorest

Today we are writing about very interesting person known as “Medicine Baba,” because he is on a mission of establishing medicine bank for poor. He is 75 year old disabled man, Omkar Nath, who lives in slum in a rented house with his wife and mentally challenged son.

medecine baba medecine baba

Six years ago rather than taking it easy in his retirement Nath decided to start collecting unwanted medicines & to donate to the poor’s.

He was inspired when he witnessed a construction accident in 2008 and noticed that injured patients were being discharged from a government hospital without medicine, due to a supply shortfall or because they don’t have enough money for buying medicines.

He told us that when he decided to do this, lot of people were unhappy , especially his family as it was considered to be turning into a beggar, but now the views are changed everybody is happy with him as he is doing this for welfare for public.

medecine baba

Every day he is dressed in his eye catching orange kurta and walk approximately 5 miles collecting medicine door to door. He does not travel by metro as it is expensive as compared to his senior citizen bus pass.

Every month he collects medicines worth Rs 5-10 lakh & large portion of that medicine goes to the Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital & charitable hospital in Delhi.On weekend he categorize all the medicine he collects very carefully and makes a list of it.

According to one of the report of WHO, about 30% people in India have no access to medicines.

When we asked how does he survives financially, he replied that some of the people who donates him medicine regularly also give him some money as a financial aid. In this way he has some money for his daily needs.

medecine baba

Medicine Baba is performing a commendable service even though he is disabled.

So if you have any medicine that you have no use, and you want to help the poor, then please donate it.

You can contact him at +91 92502-43298 or you can also visit his website