One day in Agra

Agra is the city where belongs the 8th wonder of the world : the Taj Mahal. You only need 24h to visit the city. You should absolutely start at 5am to see the sunrise on the Taj Mahal. Careful though not to take with you any computer, lighter or pack of cigarette if you don’t want to go all the other way to the locker room, that does not seem safe at all! Early in the morning, the lights are of course beautiful. Yet you will also enjoy the air and the calm that only exists in the morning. The ticket costs 750 rps all the same for foreigners when it only costs 20 ruppies for indians… Thus it is easy to feel the mass tourism! Indeed the Taj is the only place in India where you will see that many foreigners reunited!

On both sides of the white marble mausoleum, two red rock building including one mosquee shape an unreal symmetry.

Taj Mahal left side

After that, let’s go to the Saniya Palace for it’s calm breakfast on a rooftop

It’s only in Sikandra that you can escape this turistic spirit that rules Agra. Here remains the huge tomb of Akbar the Great in a peaceful park populated with animals in particular antilops. This mausoleum is a bold blend of Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist art.


After that, rendez vous at the Agra Fort which is s a UNESCO World Heritage site. It can be described as a walled city! In the meantime you can have lunch at Joney’s Place where you will find meals for a small amount.

End your day in the park in front of the Taj to rest in the grass after this noisy day! Of course, Agra, the city if the scam, will make you pay the entry 100 ruppies whereas it’s free for indians…

Finally, Agra is a city you should go to for the Taj, Sikandra and the Fort. Apart from that, this city is the dirtiest i have been to and THE city of the scam. Everything seems out of price so don’t get fooled. Rickshaw drivers always come to you but you’d better find one a bit aside. And above all don’t make a deal for the whole day with the driver. Just give him the amount of money for the route without saying where you are going after that! And don’t go there more than a day cause it will be really enough to admire the Taj.