Safety tips for women travelling alone

Women alone IndiaIf you respect the rules and tradition of the country, you will have no problem to travel by yourself and you will enjoy a lot your trip in India.

1. General mannerisms and advices

• Don’t arrive at a new destination at night or arrange a pick up from your hotel.
• No need to wear traditional Indian clothes but try to cover your shoulders and upper legs, especially in remote places. Always have a scarf with you for Muslims monuments.
• Learn 2 or 3 words in Hindi, it makes the first contact easier with the locals
• Arrive in India with some information about their religion, their culture etc…
• If you feel threatened in any way, or get “a bad” feeling about a situation, don’t hesitate to shout loudly or to ask someone to help you.
• Don’t be too naive and be ready to bargain.
• Watch your drink and avoid getting drunk.
• Don’t always trust the police in the street; they are not as trustful as in occident.
• Book your hotel before reaching a city and take advises from forums or tripadvisor.

2. Essentials: what to have on you

• Always have a phone with you with possibility to make calls if any urgency.
• Police number in India is 100.
• Always have cash and debit card with you and eventually a map. No need to always carry your passport with you for visits, a copy is enough.

3. Transports

• Check your maps and transportation schedules before leaving your hotel/train/rental car/tourist office.Women alone India
• Don’t hitchhike.
• When travelling by overnight train, choose an upper berth to avoid prospective gropers and have more privacy. Prefer the AC class if you can.
• Avoid public transportation at night, and never ride in empty buses. Prefer a taxi that you already know or that you booked with private companies; don’t take a random one in the street. You can always take the number of the plate in front of the drivers to show them that you know the security rules.
• Ride in women’s cars on trains, where they exist, and try to book seats near the front of long-distance buses. Sit next to other women when possible.
• In the metro or city trains, always use the ladies coach.
• Never let your taxi driver or tuktuk driver to take another person with him and if you know the way, don’t hesitate to indicate him.
• Travel light and leave anything obviously valuable – an expensive watch or special item of jewelry – at home.

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