Shapur Jat in Delhi, the designer area

Street art shapur Jat

Shahpur Jat is the new destination for lovers of design and fashion in New Delhi. The district is home to many stores of trendy clothing, fashionable accessories or decoration for the House. He is also known for its countless small shops where artisans work the finest kurtas.

The main quality of this village is that the historical ruins alongside the buildings of the current residences where you can find the best handicraft, weaving, creativity and know-how of his inhabitants.

Localized all the shops is almost impossible. You are sure to loose yourself even if you walk with the illustrated map of the area (but it helps anyway! Available in most of the stores). But that is all the fun of a visit!

Small inventories of what you can find:

  • Stores like Les Parisiennes or Voguette offer collections of vintage clothing.
  • Wishing Chair (a gift shop with his own cafe) has become the latest attraction in the area for its creative products and its atmosphere.
  • Shahpur jat is full also of new cafes and small restaurants. To name a few, Coffee Garage and Pot Belly. Pot Belly is renowned for its Bihari cuisine and his rooftop as well as its cultural evenings!

Bars start has also emerged and soon emblematic Chapter 25 (the first to obtain a liquor license in the area) demonstrates imagination to make your evenings unforgettable with your friends.

Recently, students and artists from around the world: Italy, Brazil, Serbia, Germany and even Taiwan participated in the first Street Art Festival. According to them, the walls of the urban village offer an ideal combination between canvas for their works and an involved community with whom they could share their joy and wonder. You can also find their path at Hauz Khas and Khirki Village.

A neighborhood to visit in priority during your next visit to Delhi!