They talk about us in Little Black Book Delhi!

Little Black Book Delhi has just published an article about finest B&Bs and Guest Houses in Delhi and Bed and Chaï Guest House is part of it! Please find the full article by clicking here: Little Black Book Delhi ArticleLittle Black Book Delhi Article

Curated online magazine and a hub for events, Little Black Book Delhi is a way to connect with likeminded people, and explore interesting aspects of Delhi and beyond. The writers are themselves discovering Delhi for finding new places, rediscovering old ones, going behind-the-scenes at all too familiar locations etc.. This is their way of sharing it:

“Little Black Book, Delhi is a celebration of all the things we love about our City and its surroundings. We Share & Curate Experiences, We Support Communities and Enterprises , We Want You to Log In & Step Out, Curate, Explore, Connect with Little Black Book, Delhi.

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