Anjuna : hippie forever

Anjuna North Goa  used to be a famous hippie place in India where rave parties took place. It still attracts a lot of hippies from all around the world, some of them still live there but is now quieter.

hippie anjunaAnjuna beach

Bars and restaurants are however clustering in all the city. There are some cute ones lost in the city ( German Bakery or Artjuna) but the majority of them is along the beach. The sunset at Curlie’s is wonderful.

german bakery anjuna goa

German Bakery

P1010398Sunset at Curlie’s

Get lost in the famous flea market, or assist at one of the various yoga classes.

anjuna flea marketAnjuna’s flea market

If you want to benefit as much as possible of the party spirit of Anjuna you have to come between October and December. Some festival are set and gather indian people and foreigners.

party4One of Anjuna’s parties

Don’t hesitate to rent a scooter, it will be far more easier to get in smart places all around like Vagator.

scooter in anjuna