Private Rajasthani concert at our guest house !

rajasthani group rajasthani groupWe had the chance to welcome the group Rajasthani on Sunday the 27th in the night on our rooftop! They performed for a few hours in front of a thrilled audience! Rajasthani is an indian group of musicians and dancers. How not to love this private concert to discover the indian charm in the heart of Delhi. Bed and chai rooftop is indeed very welcoming to have a drink and to admire Suva Devi Kalbelia, the dancer of the group. The musicians were sitting on carpets with traditional instruments that looks like our western drums and castanets.

concert rooftop

The traditional singing and dancing includes different repertories such as: devotional songs about Saint, folk Godesses, mystical songs and love songs. You can get more informations on their website:

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