The originality of Indian wedding

The Indian wedding is a unique marriage in the world. Like all religious marriages, the Hindu marriage also has its own characteristics and customs. Note that marriage is one of the biggest events of the religious life of an Indian family. Spotlight on the originality of the Indian wedding.

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The Indian wedding in a few words …

Rarely based on love, know that in general the Indian marriages are still arranged marriages. In Indian families, parents go in search of the perfect man for their daughter as soon as she reached adulthood (around 20 years). When they find the ideal husband, all is observed: religion, birthdates, astral correspondence, social class, occupation, etc. In India, marriage is regarded as an alliance between two families rather than the union between two people. To learn more about Indian wedding, you can go to India and attend a Hindu wedding ceremony. offers a wide range of tours to discover the land of maharajas freely and at your own pace. The meeting between the two familiesIt is noteworthy that before D-Day, a meeting between the two families takes place. We call this day “nichayadartham”. This meeting can address several topics such as preparation and organization of marriage in general. Note that in India, as per tradition, it is the bride’s family who pays the entire wedding: meal, show, ceremony, etc. Indeed, the Indians consider that the husband will contribute financially by supporting his wife from the marriage. It was also during this summit that both families talk about the dowry. As recalled, it is a practice of sealing a marriage by the award by the family of the bride of gold, silver, jewelery, land or house or any property (refrigerator, car …) to the family of her future husband. In short, it does not pay to live money, but in the form of gifts. It is also at this meeting that the family will request the services of an indicator to assess love compatibility young lovebirds. If they are compatible and that parents accept the union of the young protagonists, the time and date of the Hindu wedding ceremony will be decided in function of the stars.


The conduct of an Indian wedding

The ceremony of a Hindu marriage, also called “Thirumam” is without question one of the most important moments for both honeymooners and for two families. The big day is punctuated by a number of rituals. Generally, the groom arrives on elephant or horse or a prestigious car. He expects his future wife to pass him a garland of flowers around his neck. In India, marriage remains a ritual of giving. Father proclaims that the bride is his daughter and he offers to the groom’s family. Then, the groom takes the right hand of his beloved with his right hand and makes seven rounds around the sacred fire. Note that each tower is a blessing, children, joy, food, strength, devotion and wealth. The couple recited later verses in Sanskrit to express their love and intend to be partners for life. The guests then begin to throw flowers on the newlyweds. To close the ceremony of Indian wedding, the guests are invited to eat, drink and dance in honor of the newlyweds.