Lunch Box Movie

Lunch box movieLunch Box Indian movie is coming to french screen on 11 of December 2013.

The trailer might have you thinking it’s a love story but it’s much more than just that. It’s a story about dissociating from the past and finally moving on, all the while planning a new journey for a mad roadtrip called life. The movie is also a bold attempt at picking the scabs from thoughts that are now old. In case you’re looking for a paisa vasool family movie, this is not one to miss.

Irrfan plays an accountant named Saajan Fernandez, based in Mumbai, who has been working day and night for years on files that now line his desk in hordes. His life is essentially as dry as the pencil lines he draws on paper while managing numbers. Having food from a restaurant during the lunch break; having a cigarette right before getting on the Mumbai local after work; reaching home to packed food from a restaurant, again; and finally smoking one more time before calling it a day – are things that Fernandez’s day from the start to the end.

Until one day, he gets a lunch box which is not his. A little mix-up leaves him with a lunch box packed with homemade food. One can tell.

Nimrat Kaur plays Ila, a housewife and a mother. She cooks scrumptuous dishes that she hope will revive the magic between her husband and her. Only one day she realises the lunch box didn’t reach her husband. And, so, begins the ritual of little notes resting atop a pile of ‘rotis’ in the lunch box.

New hope – that holds a secret promise – springs up in both Fernandez’s and Ila’s lives. What ensues between these two characters is something that can’t be given a tag – the relationship is too delicate for that to happen.

It’s almost as if the movie never ends. You walk out of the movie hall and the film continues with you. How it ends changes with your life experience.

A highly recommended movie, that leaves you with a running film reel in your head, and a need to have have delicious food!

To watch the trailer, click here: Lunch Box Movie trailer