Bengali Market Delhi
Also known as the « CR park fish market” this place is a curiosity that will obviously amuse backpackers. It is also a great place to be for people whose stomach cannot stand even one single additional butter chicken and who are craving for something different, dietetic, and full of Omega 3 […]

The fish market of CR Park

street art Shahphur Jat hostel
Shahpur Jat is the new destination for lovers of design and fashion in New Delhi. The district is home to many stores of trendy clothing, fashionable accessories or decoration for the House. He is also known for its countless small shops where artisans work the finest kurtas. The main quality […]

Shapur Jat in Delhi, the designer area

The shop Les Parisiennes in Delhi
Shahpur Jat is a urban village in South delhi, near Hauz Khas. For the moment it is still quite a secret place, it is like a new hauz Khas Village. It is quite hard to find, so ask your rickshaw to take you to Shahpur Jat next to Asiad Village. […]

Shahpur Jat Village

What are the best restaurants in Delhi? According to you budget and what you want to eat, here is a selection of our favorite restaurants in Delhi. If you want Indian food, according to your budget: $: less than 600 INR for 2 people), you have the Karim’s restaurant, in Old […]

Where to eat in Delhi?

You have many possibilities, you can go to the M blok Market, which is at 10 minutes by foot from Bed and Chaï, on the left when you leave the guesthouse, in the same street. You can also find another place : when you leave the guest house go left, then […]

Where to buy food or where to find a chemist ...

It is a residential area, that was delevloped in the 1960s. This area has some nice markets such as the M-Block Market and the N-Block market, and nice restaurants, shops and gardens. It is very calm and pleasant to stay here, comparing to the hustle and bustle of the Old […]

The Greater Kailash district in Delhi

In Delhi, you will find several markets. Before going there check that it is opened, most of the markets are closed one day. Here are the best markets that you must do, and their opening hours. • Chandni Chowk. It is closed on Sunday. It is the best market of […]

What are the best markets in Delhi?

It is a very nice place in Delhi. You can walk around the ruins and the lake, and also walk in the village, there are nice chic boutiques, for exemple a vintage shop, boutiques where you can buy old bollywood film posters.. The area is quite expensive as the indian […]

Hauz Khas Village