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Why not go to the desert looking for a little more exotism? Jaisalmer, founded in 1156 has seen the camel caravans, the war, and the end of the maharajas. Despite mercantile atmosphere prevailing in the city, due to its tourist attraction, a visit is worthwhile. The town, surrounded by walls and […]

A journey in Jailsamer

Agra is the city where belongs the 8th wonder of the world : the Taj Mahal. You only need 24h to visit the city. You should absolutely start at 5am to see the sunrise on the Taj Mahal. Careful though not to take with you any computer, lighter or pack of […]

One day in Agra

Manali, North of Delhi, is a city surrounded by green mountains. The air is cool and the scenery is impressive. It is 6:00 p.m., we finish loading the taxi, with the help of Arun, our amazing driver from the Guest House. Everyone is excited to leave the heat and bustle […]

My weekend in Manali

Udaipur - Taj Palace
Program this weekend: Udaipur. This city built around Pichola Lake is rightly called the Venice of India. View of Pichola Lake The city, still inhabited by the Maharana three months during the year, is ideal to forget the bustle of Delhi. The proximity to the lake offers great freshness while […]

Keep calm in Udaipur

We had the chance to welcome the group Rajasthani on Sunday the 27th in the night on our rooftop! They performed for a few hours in front of a thrilled audience! Rajasthani is an indian group of musicians and dancers. How not to love this private concert to discover the indian charm […]

Private Rajasthani concert at our guest house !

Jaipur, Rajasthan’s capital, has long been established on tourist itineraries as the third corner of India’s Golden Triangle (along with Agra and Delhi). You will love the city’s colourful and chaotic streets. Hawa Mahal  At the heart of Jaipur lies the Pink City (also know as the Old City) whose […]

A week end in Jaipur!

chinese fishing net fort cochin
Cochin is one of the most touristic place in India thanks to its eclectism and its multicultural past. Although some visitors hope to stay in the modern Ernakulam, the overwhelming majority base themselves in the old Fort Cochin, where the city’s complex history is reflected in its architecture. There are […]

Cochin, a historical place to be

Bollywood music
Let’s have a little journey into the crazy world of Indian cinema music and the different styles and influences that made it so interesting. Indian cinema was born at the same time that Hollywood, the early silent movies had mostly religious themes (Mahâbhârata, Indian mythology…). But then, in 1931 with […]

All about Bollywood Music

Humanyun tomb
New Delhi is a very large and spread out city. It is a good idea to spend several days in each part; New Delhi, South Delhi, Old Delhi, etc. This is a story of my day in New Delhi. I started from Hostel Bed and Chai, where I volunteer as […]

My Day in New Delhi