Bhai dooj as you all know is a festival that is celebrated in the last day of the five day long Diwali festival. You can say it is another version of rakhi festival. The relationship of a brother and sister is signified here and gifts for bhai dooj are […]

Do you know these legends of bhai dooj?

The capital city of India famous for its monuments, its colourful markets and its diversity, is also well-known for a reason more worrying. Indeed, New Delhi is facing one of the worst pollution levels of the world and the environmental issues are endless. The simple fact to watch the stars […]

Let’s be ecofriendly in Delhi!

The Indian wedding is a unique marriage in the world. Like all religious marriages, the Hindu marriage also has its own characteristics and customs. Note that marriage is one of the biggest events of the religious life of an Indian family. Spotlight on the originality of the Indian wedding. The […]

The originality of Indian wedding

garbage vala
Small interview of Shyam, the man who helps us managing our wastes  We wanted to present you men about whose we don’t know a lot; but whose have an important role in the Indian day-to-day life: the “Garbage Vala”. In North India, we have a “vala” (an indian surname indicating […]

Discover the life of our “garbage Vala”

Rakshabandhan as a festival is not all about gifting her crisp notes to your sister. It is about showcasing your love and affection towards your loved ones. Gifts has undergone a complete makeover and customers these days are looking for some popular personalized gift options. It is these personalized gift […]

Discover Rakshabandhan Festival

During a trip to India, camping is a way to get closer to nature and live the adventure otherwise. Nature lovers will find their love for the natural environment and the beauty of the Indian landscape. However, there is no or very little landscaped campsites where you can pitch a […]

Camping in India, it is possible!

The best activities to do in India per Nouvini North, South? Climbing snowy mountains, tea tastings, cultural visits. Have you ever experienced this confusing time of listing of all the activities to do / see during a stay? We at Nouvini, it is our job. So, for India, do not […]

The Top 5 activities of the Sub-Continent

Jugaad: Fork belt
Jugaad Jugaad is a Hindi word, which means “frugal invention”: the art of finding ingenious solutions to solve a problem and this, with almost nothing. In other words, it’s: “do more with less”. This mentality was first developed in the emerging countries such as India, Brazil, Africa or China. There […]

Jugaad or the art of problem-solving